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Carpet is plush, comforting, and soft. It adds warmth to living rooms, dining rooms, basements, play areas, bedrooms, and more. Loved for centuries, carpet remains one of the most popular flooring solutions on the market, and, thanks to innovations in the flooring industry, it's only becoming more popular. Thanks to improved stain resistance and hypoallergenic construction, carpet is an affordable and versatile flooring product that every household can appreciate.

Carpet FAQS

Questions about carpet? Here are some of our FAQs on carpet!

What are some different carpet styles?

Common cut pile styles: Saxony – Long, plush pile with an extra twist are the defining features of this iconic carpet style. Plush – Like Saxony, but with a shorter pile and a more soft and velvety appearance. Frieze – Commonly called shag carpeting, frieze has a less formal appearance. Common loop pile styles: Level loop – A simple design featuring repeated loops that give it a uniform surface Sisal – Textured carpet featuring loops in straight rows Berber – This style, originally popularized in commercial settings, features large, chunky loops

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Is carpet bad for my allergies?

There's a longstanding myth out there that carpet is not ideal for people with allergies or asthma. On the contrary, carpeting can be one of the most hypoallergenic flooring solutions with proper care. Carpet traps allergens within its fibers, preventing them from escaping into the air and aggravating sensitive family members. A regularly cleaned carpet is the ideal tool for improving the air quality in your home.

How do I prevent carpet stains?

We are proud to offer several nylon and polyester carpet styles by Shaw Floors that feature the brand’s R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System. You’ll find this feature in Bellera, for example. It’s capable of repelling liquids and other staining materials, covering the entirety of each carpet fiber. R2X stands apart from the competition because the protection it provides is more than just surface-level. We also offer carpets with Shaw’s LifeGuard spill-proof backing for another layer of protection!

What is carpet padding?

Carpet padding is an unseen investment that gets installed beneath your carpeting. Padding adds a little extra cushion and comfort as well as insulation from noise and temperature change. While not technically a necessity, we always recommend padding as an investment in the health and lifespan of your carpet and floors. Padding ranges in thickness and protection capabilities, so you'll want to talk to any of our flooring experts to help you find the right balance of features and benefits for your specific needs and budget.
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